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We are a group of Infinity players that want to help other players learn more about the game, so we made this wiki that documents information about the game. The current admins on this wiki are ScriptedNonsense, UnturnedHere, SpookyBurger, Venumbra0, Xolaroan, and, TooGoodAtVideoGames. This wiki has been edited by 10 different users in the past 30 days and has been edited 26,724 times since its creation. Please read our rules. Click here for the wiki discord server invite.
Infinity: Classic was created by Evercyan in 3/7/2016. It is a Roblox game where you slay countless foes, level up to become powerful, gain loot, and become the powerful being at the top. It is a massive game with tons of zones to go to and many weaponry to get, and many events that happen overtime each year, such as the "Armageddon Part 1" event that happened recently. There is also lots of realms containing lots of secrets and easter eggs that are hidden within the maps. It is a great RPG grind game to play in that would reward heavily in your efforts, but in certain events and with certain multipliers can speed up the process toward getting great gear and leveling up.


Discover the weaponry at your disposal!

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Defeat countless beasts, warriors, and gods alike!

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Venture forth into the places unknown!

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